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close up photo of filled turkish tea glass

Turkish tea in Dubai

In Dubai, both Turks and Arab citizens enjoy drinking Turkish tea. Turkish tea is a very simple and delicious tea to make. Turks generally drink it with breakfast. Turkish tea is also served to guests. It is possible to buy Turkish tea from many stores in Dubai. Turkish tea is even sold on Amazon. Çaykur…
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coffee on a cup

Turkish coffee in Dubai

Turkish coffee is one of the most intense and delicious coffees in the world. You can also order Turkish coffee at Turkish restaurants in Dubai. You can also order Turkish coffee to your home and workplace from websites such as Amazon and Noon. The best Turkish restaurants in Dubai are on this page! If you…
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Turkish taste in Dubai (Best experience)

The French blog Toute la Cappadoce has written an excellent review of Turkish taste. You can also find all the dishes listed below in the United Arab Emirates. Here is the list of restaurants in the United Arab Emirates! Turkish cuisine is one of the most varied in the world. It is at the crossroads…
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Turkish cuisine in Dubai

Licia Giglio, an Italian, who closely examined world cuisine, review about Turkish cuisine. You can also find these flavors that Licia Giglio tasted in Turkey in Dubai. Here is the list of Turkish restaurants. Here is the story of those unique experiences: After touring Turkey and tasting Turkish cuisine and its typical dishes, there are…
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Best Turkish shisha lounge in Dubai

Best Turkish shisha lounge in Dubai is here! Turkish shisha is very famous in Dubai. Especially in Turkey and the Middle East, Turkish shisha is consumed with pleasure. Some Turkish restaurants in Dubai also have Turkish shisha. Turkish shisha, also known as narghile or hookah, is a water pipe used for smoking flavored tobacco. It…
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Turkish raw meatballs in Dubai

Turkish restaurants in Dubai also make cig kofte. Raw meatballs may not be liked by everyone. Because the taste is bitter and there are many spices in raw meatballs. If you want to eat raw meatballs in Dubai, most of the Turkish restaurants in Dubai serve this dish. Click here for a list of Turkish…
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Turkish pita in Dubai

One of the most popular dishes of Turkish restaurants in Dubai is pita, which can be prepared in many different ways. You should definitely try Turkish pita in Dubai.

Turkish lahmacun in Dubai

Turkish lahmacun in Dubai is served by Turkish restaurants in Dubai. Lahmacun contains both protein and carbohydrates.

Best Turkish breakfast in Dubai

Turkish restaurants in Dubai also offer breakfast to their customers. Some Turkish restaurants serve breakfast only on weekends.

Turkish shawarma in Dubai

Turkish restaurants in Dubai are great places to find Turkish doner kebab. Turkish doner, also known as Turkish shawarma, is known and eaten in many countries of the world.