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Best Turkish breakfast in Dubai

Best Turkish breakfast in Dubai

Turkish restaurants in Dubai also offer Turkish breakfast to their customers. Some Turkish restaurants serve breakfast only on weekends. Turkish breakfast consists of a wide variety of foods. Protein and carbohydrates are plentiful. It is a classic, especially on the weekends.

Turkish breakfast, also known as “kahvaltı,” is a traditional and elaborate breakfast meal enjoyed in Turkey. It typically includes a variety of dishes and items that are spread out on the table for everyone to enjoy.

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Some common components of a Turkish breakfast are:

  1. Bread: Freshly baked bread or simit (a circular sesame-covered bread ring) is a staple of a Turkish breakfast.
  2. Cheese: Various types of cheese such as beyaz peynir (white cheese), kaşar (cheddar-like cheese), or tulum (aged cheese) are served. These cheeses are often accompanied by honey or olives.
  3. Olives: Turkey is famous for its olives, and they are an essential part of the breakfast spread. Green and black olives are commonly served alongside other items.
  4. Eggs: Cooked eggs can be served in different ways such as boiled, fried, or as an omelet. Menemen, a traditional Turkish scrambled eggs dish cooked with tomatoes and peppers, is also popular.
  5. Sausages: Sucuk, a spicy Turkish sausage made from ground beef or lamb, is commonly included in the breakfast spread.
  6. Jams and Spreads: Various types of jams, honey, kaymak (a creamy Turkish clotted cream), or Nutella can be spread on bread or eaten on their own.
  7. Fresh Vegetables: Cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers are commonly served to add freshness to the meal.
  8. Herbal Tea: Turkish black tea, known as çay, is an integral part of the breakfast and is typically served in small tulip-shaped glasses.
  9. Pastries: Börek, a type of savory pastry with different fillings such as cheese or meat, is often enjoyed during breakfast.
  10. Desserts: Sweet treats like baklava or Turkish delight can also be included as a finishing touch.

Turkish breakfasts are known for being extensive and leisurely, allowing people to enjoy a variety of flavors and spend quality time with family and friends.

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