United Arab Emirates

We have compiled the most famous Turkish restaurants of Dubai for you.

Turkish cuisine

Have you tried Turkish breakfast?

In Turkish culinary culture, the main meals are divided into three main meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Turkish breakfast consists of various foods such as cheese, olives, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, jams, honey and cream, as well as pastries such as bagels, pastries and pastries. Turkish tea and coffee are among the indispensable drinks of breakfast.

Turkish taste

Have you tried Turkish kebab?

For lunch and dinner, menus consisting of soup, main course, rice, pasta or bulgur, appetizers, salads and desserts are common. Meat, vegetables, pulses and grain products are among the main ingredients in Turkish cuisine. Red meat, chicken and fish are frequently consumed protein sources.


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close up shot of baklava

Where is the best Turkish baklava in Dubai?

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close up photo of filled turkish tea glass

Turkish tea in Dubai

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coffee on a cup

Turkish coffee in Dubai

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