United Arab Emirates

Gunaydin Restaurant Souk Al Bahar

Gunaydin Restaurant location: Souk Al Bahar – Downtown Dubai – Dubai

Phone: 04 554 0700

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Gunaydin Restaurant is a well-known Turkish steakhouse located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With its origins in Istanbul, Turkey, Gunaydin has expanded to several locations worldwide, including Dubai. The restaurant is renowned for its high-quality meat dishes, particularly its selection of premium cuts of Turkish beef. The menu offers a variety of steaks, kebabs, and other grilled meat options, as well as traditional Turkish mezes (appetizers), salads, and desserts. Gunaydin aims to provide an authentic Turkish dining experience, combining top-notch ingredients with traditional methods of preparation and presentation. The restaurant’s elegant and inviting atmosphere, along with its commitment to quality, has made Gunaydin a popular destination for meat lovers in Dubai.