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Best Turkish shisha lounge in Dubai

Best Turkish shisha lounge in Dubai

Best Turkish shisha lounge in Dubai is here! Turkish shisha is very famous in Dubai. Especially in Turkey and the Middle East, Turkish shisha is consumed with pleasure. Some Turkish restaurants in Dubai also have Turkish shisha.

Turkish shisha, also known as narghile or hookah, is a water pipe used for smoking flavored tobacco. It has a long history in Turkish culture and is often associated with social gatherings and relaxation.

The main components of a Turkish shisha include a bowl to hold the tobacco, a metal body, a water chamber, a hose, and a mouthpiece. The tobacco used in Turkish shisha is typically flavored with fruit, herbs, or spices to enhance the taste and aroma.

To smoke Turkish shisha, the tobacco is placed in the bowl and heated with charcoal. The smoke is then drawn through the water chamber, which cools and filters the smoke before it reaches the user. The user inhales the smoke through the hose and mouthpiece.

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Turkish shisha

Turkish shisha is popular in Turkey and many Middle Eastern countries. It is often enjoyed with friends or family members, and is seen as a way to relax and socialize. Various flavors of tobacco are available, allowing users to customize their smoking experience.

It is important to note that smoking shisha, like any form of tobacco use, carries health risks. The smoke from shisha contains harmful chemicals and can be as harmful as cigarette smoke. It is advised to use shisha in moderation and in well-ventilated areas to minimize the health risks.

Where is from shisha?

Shisha, also known as hookah or narghile, is believed to have originated in ancient Persia (modern-day Iran) and India several centuries ago. It then spread throughout the Middle East and North Africa, becoming popular in countries such as Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria. Each region has its own unique variations and traditions surrounding shisha, but it is now enjoyed worldwide.


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